Day of Rest

Day of Rest

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At last, at last, at last, Sunday has become a day of rest. No more caterwauling and screaming from those horrible little churches, that have sprouted all over the place in Kenya, no more monotonous, repetitive music blaring out of loud speakers for hours on end, till you feel like throwing a brick at the amplifier. No more hoarse, screeching voices of preachers yelling at us through microphones.

We are hearing much of the benefits to the environment that the corona lock downs are bringing – the Himalayas visible, and the stars which had been concealed in smoke and fumes; the animals now free to roam, birds emerging from hiding. But for me, in my small corner, waking on a Sunday morning, hearing the sound of the wind in the trees, and knowing that I will enjoy it all day, is the greatest blessing of all. May such peace continue when the pandemic is over.……

Easter Sunday 2020

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