The Imagination

The Imagination

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“You must have heard of the Easter Bunny – you’ll find him in supermarkets alongside chocolate Easter eggs. But you’re unlikely to have heard of the Easter Monkey, because he was an invention of mine.


He is a colobus monkey, who used to visit our home on Easter Sunday morning, when the children were young, dropping gifts around the garden! I hear he still visits my grandchildren and although they are now teenagers, they enjoy his visits just as much….

Creativity is one of the keys of Waldorf Education. And it’s funny, the more you exercise your creativity, the more it develops. When I was a full time class one teacher in the Rudolf Steiner School, and telling stories every day, I started finding I could sometimes create the story on the spot. I guess it’s a matter of finding your particular area of creativity – the one that interests you. Look at those little boys who make cars out of scrap: the more they do it, the more creative they become.

Well, the things I did and made with my children were the things I knew about – you can read more about it in my autobiography. Contact me if you’d like a copy.

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