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“One birthday, I unwrapped a wonderful crocheted scarf from my daughter. ‘When did you make this?’ I asked, in amazement. Only to learn she had been sitting up at night for days secretly crocheting!” 

Life is a Gift. Chap 17

When I was a student, I felt I needed something to do with my hands in between reading, thinking and writing. So I got an instruction book and learnt to crotchet. In those days, I didn’t know the scientific fact, that doing things with your hands (or your whole body) actually stimulates the thinking processes. But I got to love it. I even ended up teaching handwork: knitting, crochet, embroidery.

There are so many beautiful things you can make, which will give you great pleasure and satisfaction in the completion; and your children too, boys and girls alike.

embroidery, knitted ball,
crochet bag for recorder
crochet cushion cover

Some are so easy, others a bit harder, others a challenge……whatever level you are at, just use your gifts and enjoy, especially at this time of corona virus. Contact me for help. When the lock down is over, I plan to start classes at home.

And here are my biggest projects: blankets.

blanket of squares
a boy’s blanket

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