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Life is one long, beautiful, dangerous, exciting, frightening story in which we all take part.

“The bush buck walked on and on. Where was he going and why? He didn’t know why, but he knew he had to get out of the dark forest and feel the warm sun on his back… Then, one day, he stood at the edge of the trees, looking out on a wide, open space.”

I’m a storyteller and these words are part of my story. I tell all kinds of stories, to all kinds of people. Listen:

            “Once there was a farmer, whose name was Gudbrand.  He lived high up on a hillside, so people used to call him Gudbrand on the hill. He had a nice little farm up there with a couple of cows. The family was comfortable, but best of all: he and his wife never disagreed about anything! For instance, there was one day when his wife said to him at breakfast…….”

            “Tene, tene na tene ma, when the slopes of the mountain were still clothed in lush green forest, and the snow lay thick upon the mountain peaks, Mugai, the great divider of the universe came down from heaven and……”

            “I need to know a thing or two about this daughter of yours, before I agree to marry her. Is she obedient? I couldn’t stand a disobedient wife!” “Oh yes! She’s the most obedient girl in the whole of Africa: she does everything I tell her to do!”

            Stories from all parts of the globe, and the fantasy lands beyond. Come to my picnic site and listen!

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