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Have you heard of Anansi? The spider, who appears in many W. African tales? He’s a clever guy, who knows how to get what he wants; a trickster, like Kaka…

Peace and Quiet

I wake up on a beautiful Sunday morning. I make a cup of tea and go to sit on the veranda. I listen to the birds singing, the wind blowing…


That gulley that appeared outside your gate after a night of heavy rain; that blocked culvert that gave you a lake to drive through as you leave home; that huge…

Only a girl

I grew up with brothers, three of them. And boys were treated differently from girls. They got to go to the most prestigious boys’ private school in the city, whereas…

Day of Rest

At last, at last, at last, Sunday has become a day of rest. No more caterwauling and screaming from those horrible little churches, that have sprouted all over the place…

The Imagination

“You must have heard of the Easter Bunny – you’ll find him in supermarkets alongside chocolate Easter eggs. But you’re unlikely to have heard of the Easter Monkey, because he…

Let’s Create

“One birthday, I unwrapped a wonderful crocheted scarf from my daughter. ‘When did you make this?’ I asked, in amazement. Only to learn she had been sitting up at night…